composite vibration damping and absorbing pad

Sorberdamp is an adhesive-backed composite pad, combining the benefits of a vibration damper and a noise absorber. It is designed to reduce resonant vibration and airborne sound within light gauge metal, timber and plastic structures of less than 3mm thickness.

Sorberdamp’s multilayered construction comprises a damping material, laminated to a foil faced, high performance noise absorbing polyurethane foam, – Sorberfoam™.

The standard foil facing – AGC, is a flame retardant aluminium glass cloth with fire retardant adhesive, complying with the highest rating to British fire standard and IMO Marine standard. The product has a high tack, peel and stick, pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the damping layer contact surface.

Being lightweight and flexible, Sorberdamp readily conforms to irregular surfaces and finds popular use in light-gauge panel components in automotive vehicles, boats, buses and trains. It works effectively in enclosed spaces such as engine bays, air-conditioning ducts and generators.

The damping layer controls the ringing noise from components under their operating cycle by dissipating the vibration energy within the structure. This inhibits build-up of resonant vibrations, considerably reducing radiated noise. The foam layer exhibits impressive performance in absorbing any air-borne noise generated in such enclosures.

The AGC covering, enhances the fire and thermal insulation performance of the product and tunes the foam to enhance noise absorption in the mid to low frequency range, besides providing additional protection to the foam from mechanical damage and dirt, oil and liquid ingress.

Technical data

Sorberdamp™ is an adhesive-backed composite pad, combining the benefits of a vibration damper and a noise absorber.

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.


  • Automotive floors, firewalls, doors, ceiling and boot panels
  • Marine vessels: bulkheads, deckheads, hull construction and ventilation
  • Generators, compressor covers and machine housing guards
  • Metal air-conditioning ducts and compressor housings
  • Laundry and garbage chutes, hoppers, lids and bins
  • White goods and under sink bowls


  • Dual benefits – vibration damping and noise absorption
  • Flame retardant aluminium glass cloth covering – with highest fire ratings – Class ‘O’ to British standards
  • Ideal for lightweight panels and steel substrates of less than 3mm thickness
  • No ozone-depleting substances are generated during manufacture
  • Free from lead, odour-producing oils and bitumen
  • Performance across a broad temperature range
  • Lightweight, only 75% surface coverage is required to obtain maximum damping performance
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy installation with high-tack peel and stick adhesive backing
  • Resistant to weather and UV light
  • Can be constructed with other surface coverings
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