foil faced flexible noise barrier

Quadzero™ is a high performance, foil-faced, mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss and low spread of flame surface covering.

Quadzero™ was developed to meet market noise reduction requirements in the domestic, commercial, industrial and OEM sectors.

To achieve this high performance, the Pyrotek engineering team developed Quadzero™ to be dense, thin, strong, tear-resistant and highly flexible. These properties give the product high transmission loss throughout the various weight ranges.It complies with British and international fire and building codes for low spread of flame.

Stiff lightweight panel constructions, such as plasterboard, drywall, plywood and hollow core walls, typically have coincidence dip resonance which allows noise to transmit through a construction.

The coincidence dip is dependent on the material’s stiffness and thickness and occurs at the point where the sound transmitted through the structure matches the natural frequency of the panel.

Quadzero™ shifts the coincidence dip to frequencies limiting its impact, thereby maintaining the performance of the product. The thin, dense mass Quadzero™ barrier reflects and absorbs the transmission of sound through walls, ceilings and floors, reducing the critical frequencies generated from mechanical equipment, engine noise and electronic audio devices.


  • Inside cavities or over lightweight wall, ceiling and floor constructions. Ideal for home theatres, office partitions, meeting rooms
  • Over roof joists to reduce aircraft, rail and traffic noise
  • Applied between the plenum chamber of a floor slab, roof and adjoining partition walls
  • Installed around the outside of metal air ducts to reduce noise break-out
  • Wrapped around noisy pipes, valves and fan casings e.g. fluid or gas pulsation in chemical, petrochemical and waste water treatment plants
  • Automotive firewalls to reduce engine and road noise transmitting through the structure
  • Rail carriages for under floor insulation to reduce track and braking noise


  • Complies to AS1530.3 & BS 467.6/7 building codes
  • Free from lead, odour-producing oils and bitumen
  • Can be fitted around challenging places
  • The foil facing also makes it easy to bond onto other substrates using matching Tape ALR adhesive or equivalent
  • Simple to cut, sew, tape and mechanically fasten
  • Resistant to water, oil and natural weather conditions
  • Tear resistant with high tensile strength. Ability to be suspended in lengths of up to 5 metres
  • Available with various laminates such as foams, polyesters and fibreglass
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