FQA about noise control insulation in Thailand

noise control in thailand

What is insulation?
Insulation is a general term used to describe materials that are placed between heated or frozen surface of an object and outside temperature or in another way, are a barrier between sound wave and the atmosphere. In short, it is a resistor.

The significance of noise control insulation in Thailand.
Noise control insulation is very important for factories or residential buildings which are commonly having noise pollution problem e.g. noisy machines, echo sound in building or even unwanted noise in recording studio. Noise control insulation must be properly designed to be the best-in-quality and high performing sound insulating material.

Is the manual of noise control insulation in Thailand important? How?
Commonly instruction manual mainly focuses on maintenance methodology for the installed noise control insulation. Actually before installation, user must pay more attention at products’ specs and noise reduction value specified for each type of insulating material, which is more significant.

What are the differences between thermal insulation and noise control insulation?
Thermal insulation can be substitute for noise control insulation only in some cases because they have different variables to be regarded. For noise control insulation, NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and STC (Sound Transmission Class) are the two variables used for measuring noise reduction value, while Thermal Conductivity and Density are used to measure possible heat reduction in thermal insulation.

Why the price of noise control insulation is different?
To calculate a sales price depends on two main objectives of use. The primary objective is noise reduction performance. For example, A insulation, 1 inch thick, can reduce noise emission equally as B insulation which is 4 inches of thickness. This example shows that type A can be considered to be more efficient than type B etc. The secondary objective is its beautiful appearance when shaped with furniture in building. For example in an industrial factory, using white or black noise insulating fabric may not be the point. Unlike the factory, living room normally needs to be lively and colorful; therefore, users may require a specific color or pattern of noise control insulating fabrics. As a consequence of both factors, the price of noise control insulation is directly affected.

Does the noise control insulation in Thailand really work?
Many of you may have experienced both satisfactory and disappointed result of your selected noise control insulation. Sometimes it worked very well, but sometimes it didn’t even worth the money at all. In fact, noise insulation that can be generally purchased is workable, but as a result of the misunderstanding of noise problem and noise insulating material, it does not work properly. Most people usually think that using only insulation sheet or anything with thickness will be able to block the travelling of sound waves, which is totally wrong.
How can noise insulation absorb noise and reduce echo sound?
Noise insulation and sound-absorption have different work function. Noise insulation has solid and clear surface to prevent sound movement from one side to another, differ from sound-absorption which is made out of porous fabric or fiber. Sound-absorption will allow sound to travel into itself, and then it will absorb some amount of sound energy and at the same time, change it into heat. As a result of the sound-absorption work function, sound is lowered down since the rest of the sound energy was deducted in strength and frequency.

Sound-absorption, noise insulation and acoustic board are they different? How?
Sound-absorption and acoustic board is normally used for eliminating echo sound in building. Just like a sponge that is used to absorb spilled water on the table, sound-absorption and acoustic board allow sound to travel through, and then it absorbs some amount of sound energy. Soundproof is different from Sound-absorption and acoustic board. Imagine when we splash water on plastic sheet and it reflects the water back, same as soundproof which totally prevents sound movement.

Is price of soundproof different?
Working out product cost depends on the selection of the manufacturer that which fabrics, coating materials, color to be utilized and how much sound reduction value needed, so there are different sales price in the market. Generally, most of customers will have specific budget, so they usually select in such a way that price is in accordance with their budget.

What kind of material is the most popular, sound absorption, noise insulation or acoustic board?
Sound absorption material and noise insulating material can be categorized into two main categories, which are Fiber based and Rubber or Vinyl based material. Fiber based material is soft but is not waterproof, such as Fiberglass and Rockwool. Rubber or vinyl based material normally has smooth surfaces; therefore, no problem if it’s exposed to water or liquids

What are soundproof walls, sound absorption walls and sound barrier?
Soundproof walls and sound barrier are just the same. They will not allow sound wave travelling from one side to another. For example, boisterous wood chopping machine with noise level 100 dBA. During its working hours, the nearby community must be able to hear noise from the machine 90 dBA. After the soundproof walls installation between the factory and the nearby community, audible noise from the machine was reduced to 75-80 dBA. Sound absorption walls are mostly used for cutting down echo sound in convention hall.

Benefits of a Professional Soundproofing Job
In order to solve the problem of noise pollution, getting the best results in lowest price is of course the major purpose of the customers; hence, hiring a professional for soundproofing should be considered before installation. As a professional, the problem will be first analyzed so that noise control insulation can be properly designed to be accordance with the customers’ budget. In addition, a professional can quarantine that the finished result will provide the best sound controlling performances, including after-service. In contrast, if you chose “anybody” to work on soundproof project, the results would be just “okay” or we could say “penny wise and pound foolish”. If we take noise pollution as a serious crisis, professionally problem solving by an expert is highly recommended. Due to the precise solution designed by a professional, most of them are “perfect solutions” no pending issues left anymore. To determine whether a service provider is a specialist or not, is considering the following factors: their noise solving projects, any experts or engineers with actual knowledge, installation technicians and specific tools that has calibrated annually, including reliable customers’ reviews.

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