Viterolite 900

Viterolite 900

non-combustible sound absorber

Viterolite® 900 is a non-combustible sound absorber ideally suited for areas which require no smoke emission, volatiles, toxic or noxious gases such as tunnels, air shafts or public areas. It is constructed using cement binding agents, ideally used in high wear, high impact and trafficable areas.

It can be custom made into any shape or size. Typical custom applications include wall panels, road barriers, air shaft linings, rail and vehicle tunnels.

Viterolite® 900 has been engineered to optimize maximum sound absorption across a broad frequency range while maintaining a natural concrete-like appearance.


  • Rail tunnels in-between tracks
  • Underground train stations
  • Outdoor road barriers or exterior walls
  • Trafficable flooring areas
  • Plant rooms and substations
  • Areas requiring high fire safety


  • Non-combustible – withstands over 1150 °C
  • No smoke emission, no toxic or noxious fumes generated when exposed to fire
  • Non-fibrous and non-toxic: Safe to handle
  • Trafficable: impact resistant from foot traffic and light vehicles
  • Non-conductive
  • Customizable to suit any application
  • Rigid, durable and self-supporting with high sound absorption
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