Sorberpoly 3D

Sorberpoly 3D

high performance textile sound absorber

Sorberpoly 3D uses a patented vertical lapping system employing fine polyester fibres to deliver excellent sound absorbing and thermal properties. The vertical lapping system provides resiliency to maintain high loft, important to maximising sound absorption, particularly in high humidity applications. It is also fuel, oil and grease resistant.

When backed by a high-performance facing,  Sorberpoly 3D is significantly lighter in weight compared to the insulation of comparable acoustic performance, like foam, rockwool and fibreglass and it is ideal across the needs of a variety of manufacturing and installation approaches. Combined with the P52 Sorbertextile facing, this product is a high performance, lightweight acoustic absorber.

Manufactured from 100% polyester fibre, Sorberpoly 3D is sustainable, recyclable, hydrophobic (non-wicking) and it is easily cut and installed.

Technical data

Sorberpoly™ 3D is a thin, lightweight specialised acoustic textile with excellent sound absorbing and thermal insulation properties. Being fuel, oil and grease resistant, the material performs especially well in high humidity applications.

P52 – Non-woven compressed mouldable facing
AGC – Aluminium Glass Cloth
NW – Non-woven

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.


  • Fill voids behind panels, and in cavities, e.g. wall cavities, ceiling voids.
  • Heavy duty truck, bus, earthmoving & mining equipment, wall, roof and firewalls.
  • Marine, engine compartments, bulkheads and deckheads.
  • Noise control and thermal insulation for HVAC equipment
  • Compressor and generator set enclosures
  • Acoustic baffles
  • Acoustic panels
  • Hydraulic pump enclosures
  • Open area reverberation control, as a backing material


  • Lightweight, with high sound absorption properties
  • Non toxic, will not irritate the skin when handled
  • Easy to cut, heat seal, thermally or sonically weld and install
  • Non-wicking and hydrophobic
  • Compressible, thermally mouldable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multiple assembly approaches possible
  • Available with self-adhesive backing for ease of installation
  • Efficient thermal insulation along with sound absorption – Saves energy and money
  • Can be used as a replacement to fibreglass/rockwool, in areas subject to high humidity and condensing moisture.
  • Contains no resin binders to create an unpleasant odour or mildew – Will not degrade, crumble or smell over time
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